InfoStack Manuscript Evaluation Package (Write! Publish! Profit 7.0) 2024

Welcome! This is the page for the InfoStack User’s Manuscript Evaluation service purchased as part of Write! Publish! Profit 7.0 (June 2024).

The package is a manuscript evaluation of your novel or nonfiction manuscript’s first 50 pages. Only people who have purchased the package may take advantage of the offer. If you submit your data and you are not on the list, it will be deleted.

To take advantage, please fill out the following form. Put Write! Publish! Profit! In the subject. And reach out about scheduling your free manuscript evaluation.

NOTE: Dates and timeframes are dependent upon my editing schedule which tends to fill up at least 5-6 months in advance. So please be patient. A manuscript evaluation should take me a week to ten days, but it all depends what other deadlines and projects are in the works. I will get to it as fast as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

The value of this package is $500. But it was included with your InfoStack.

This deal is good any time after purchasing the package. No expiration so feel free to wait until your manuscript is ready to contact me.  Thanks much. I look forward to working with you.

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